Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Our goal here at Pinnacle A Roofing Company, is to help our clients reduce their roofing life cycle cost by getting you the longest life span possible out of your current roofing system. Regular roof maintenance, inspections, and emergency service are all part of Pinnacle A Roofing Company’s service agreements. All major roofing manufacturers require that roofing systems with NDL (No Dollar Limit) warranties receive regular roof maintenance in order for you to be able to keep the warranty on your roofing project in good standing. Let Pinnacle A Roofing Company be your roofing contractor, not only for your major roofing projects, but your routine roof service and maintenance as well.

Pinnacle A Roofing Company offers a variety of services to help our clients maintain their projects. A roof coating may be a viable solution to extending the life of your roof for an additional 5-10 years. Roofing coatings with highly reflective SRI (solar reflective indices) can also reduce heat uptake by the building and lower your energy costs. To combat oil and grease discharge generated by many manufacturing processes, we offer systems that will protect the building owner, and absorb and contain these elements that cause costly repairs, void roof warranties, and create unnecessary fire hazards. Also rebates may be available to help pay for the costs of adding a roofing coating to your existing roof.

Contact Pinnacle A Roofing Company for a free evaluation of your roofing system, and we can help suggest the best roofing service package option to fit your needs. We have service, and maintenance agreements that truly benefit our commercial projects roofing systems. We pride ourselves on saving you money, and getting the longest lifespan out of your roof.

Roof Restorations

If your business’ budget does not allow for a roof replacement, Pinnacle A Roofing Company is still able to help you with other viable options, such as a Roof Restoration. We will still be able to restore it. With available roof coatings and restoration from Pinnacle A Roofing Company, we are able to help you extend the life of your current roof at a more affordable price. With coating and re-graveling, the roof life may be prolonged an additional 5-10 years. This can be done at almost 50% of the cost of what a full roof replacement would cost, while saving energy in the process.

Emergency Roof Repair

Weather anywhere can change in an instant. That is why Pinnacle A Roofing Company is always on call, and ready to service our clients in an emergency. Our Emergency Roof Repair team is ready for action at any time. Since 1996, Pinnacle A Roofing Company has helped businesses recover from severe weather damage with fast professional roof repair services.

Pinnacle A Roofing Company also has applicator agreements in place for repairs, and installation of all major manufacturers, such as Carlisle, Soprema, Fibertite, GAF, Johns Manville, just to name a few.

Pinnacle A Roofing Company has also used its vast experience in roofing reconstructing, and we are able to consult, and offer you viable solutions that will help protect your roof even in the most violent of conditions. Pinnacle A Roofing Company’s years of experience with Florida weather, including hurricanes, has taught the company valuable lessons. Have Pinnacle A Roofing Company inspect your roof today. We will exceed all of your expectations!